Edit, retouch and share your pictures with Fotor Photo Editor

Fotor lets you edit, make collages, touch up, even in batch mode.

All the operations are on a panel to the right of the main screen, and filters, borders, effects, text and more can be applied with a few clicks and changes can be adjusted or removed at any time. You can see your original image with a click, then reapply the filters.

Fotor also features 13 different one click-enhancement options, and has a large selection of effects and frames. You can edit groups of photos or albums at once, apply filters, effects or borders to all your photos at once.

Fotor lets you share edited photos on Social Media accounts, such as Facebook, Twitter and Flickr directly from within the app.

Note that Fotor asks to install also irrelevant software. You can refuse and continue.

Download Fotor