Retouch images to remove parts you may not want, with PhotoWipe

PhotoWipe is a free and powerful app, able to “eliminate” parts of an image that you prefer they did not exist! Of course there is always the option of getting a brush and start painting, but this would take weeks to complete. And you have the option of using Photoshop, but this is not free, and very expensive at that.

PhotoWipe removes elements and automatically fills the empty areas with material of the neighbouring areas, making the photo almost as if it was taken while those elements were not present. This way you can remove the cage bars that hide a bird, a wire that passes in front of your object, etc.

The program’s interface is simple, not great but convenient. You just paint over what you want to remove, and PhotoWipe does the rest. As you can guess, the less you erase, the more natural your final image looks like. Output formats include JPG and PNG.

PhotoWipe is not a Photoshop alternative, not even only in that particular function, but it’s a useful utility you will appreciate if you need to remove some parts of a photo.