Edit, create, retouch, icon files easily, with the free Junior Icon Editor

If you have searched for icon editors you know how difficult it is to find a free editor able for even basic jobs, such as making an area of the image transparent. Sometimes an editor is able, but difficult to use!

Junior Icon Editor is a free app you may find easy enough and efficient, if you need to design an icon file or just to retouch it. The only problem with Junior Icon Editor is that upon closing it nags you with offerings. Just click this little X icon at the right corner to get rid of promotions.

As with most icon editors the program provides options to insert various lines and shapes, in any color you like, use such common tools as a pencil, brush, color picker, etc., and of course configure the icon’s transparency if you want it. The program saves as ico, but also as png, xbm and xpm.

Junior Icon Editor lets you easily zoom, rotate, cut, copy, etc., and provides tabs, letting you edit simultaneously more than one image.

Download Junior Icon Editor