Capture your screen or parts of it, with MWSnap

MWSnap is a free and powerful program for capturing snapshots of selected parts of your screen. It will let you capture the whole desktop, a highlighted window, an active menu, or a fixed or free rectangular part of the screen. MWSnap handles 5 most popular graphics formats and contains important graphical tools: a zoom, a ruler, a color picker and a window spy. When you use the “Whole Desktop” mode in a multi monitor system, MWSnap will capture only the active desktop (contrary to what the PrintScreen button does).

Features: 5 snapping modes * Support for BMP, JPG, TIFF, PNG and GIF formats, with selected color depth and quality settings * System-wide hotkeys * Clipboard copy and paste * Printing * Auto-saving, auto-printing * Auto-start with Windows * Minimizing to system tray * An auto-extending list of fixed sizes, perfect for snapping images for icons and glyphs;

A zoom tool for magnifying selected parts of the screen * A ruler tool for measuring screen objects lengths * A color picker showing screen colors with separated RGB parts * Fast picture viewer * Adding frames and mouse pointer images * Multilevel configurable undo and redo * Multilingual versions * Configurable user interface

MWSnap is one of the best screen capture programs available – powerful and easy to use.