Log speed, distance, altitude, position and more, with WinSportsTracker for mobiles

Just in case you still use a Windows Phone, WinSportsTracker is a convenient program, especially if you enjoy outdoor activities like running and riding; you can use it to log your speed, distance, altitude, position and many more and show on dashboard, graph or map (up to 7 views). With offline maps you don’t need internet connection or data plan. Off-road navigation function helps you to explore new areas. You can save track logs or export on PC (view on Google Earth, etc), share with friends on Facebook. It will not affect normal operation of your mobile phone during use.

* Up to 7 different tracking views
* Display speed, altitude, distance, duration, laps, calorie burn, laps statistics (current, average, max, graph display…)
* Support different activities (running, cycling, skiing, riding, sailing,…)
* Off-road navigation. You can import route in GPX format and follow route (bearing or direction to selected point).
* Offline maps, you can download maps (OpenStreetMaps, Google maps,…) in advance on computer – no need for internet connection on phone or data plan. Read FAQ on website how to download maps.
* GPX import track or route

* Activity (sport) dependent settings
* Auto lap, manual lap, lap sound
* Auto pause, manual pause, new lap on auto pause
* Add free defined way points
* Graphic display speed and altitude vs. time, altitude display relative or absolute
* Graphic display speed and altitude vs. distance, altitude display relative or absolute

* Track view on offline map (you do not need data plan on your phone)
* GPS signal info (satellites, signal strength)
* Export track in GPX format (you can view track in Google Maps or some different app.)
* Translations
* Normal/full screen mode
* Support Windows mobile 6.5 professional resolutions: WVGA, VGA, square, WQVGA, QVGA, portrait and landscape orientations