Move and reorder tabs of the same application in the Windows taskbar

Reordering tabs is a one of the greatest features, since in modern monitors the screen can be really huge and you prefer some tabs to be closer to your view.

However, Windows so far neglects this obviously important option, to reorder the tabs of the same application.

Let’s say that you have 4 tabs of the browser, and you want the one of Facebook to be at the far left side to make room for other tabs to appear near the center of the taskbar. Windows won’t let you do that!

To move and reorder tabs of the same app, just get 7 Taskbar Tweaker, a program created specifically for Win7 when reordering was absent entirely, now updated also to work in Windows 10. In the program’s settings check the option to “Drag within / between groups using right mouse button”, and enjoy!