Merge several folders keeping or not folder structure, with Folder Merger

If you work with a lot of files and folders most probably you need to merge some folders from time to time. Folder Merger is a free and powerful utility that will help.

To perform such a job, as you can guess, you first loat to the program the list of the folders you are going to merge. You do that using the “add source” dialogue and selecting the folder, then the program creates a list of their contents. First level subfolders of any folder you select are also included, and you can use filters to exclude any or all of them.

The program’s browser lets you also select the folder that will host the merger. All you have to do know, which is also the most “delicate” part, is to choose what precisely and how will be merged, even replacing files already existing in the target folder.

A nice feature of Folder Merger is the option of using wildcards. Relevant help is also included, so you won’t be left alone trying to guess what to do. Giving the final “Merge” command finishes the job. The program is able to delete source folders after all files are moved to the destination folder.

Download Folder Merger