Edit, record, convert audio, with Ocenaudio

Ocenaudio is a free and convenient audio editor that will let you edit, record, analyze and convert audio files of several formats, including mp3, wav, flac, ape, aiff, asf, wma, ogg, mkv, etc.

Filters and effects with real-time preview are available, editing multiple selections at once is possible, and standard editing tasks like copy and paste work flawlessly. Other features include VST plugins support, inserting digital noise, tones and DTMF sequences, Waveform/Spectral and spectrogram views, sound statistics, and more.

Ocenaudio is ideal for those who need a really easy yet powerful audio editor. Time-consuming tasks (such as opening and saving audio files, or applying effects) run in the background, allowing you to work on other files. The main objective is usability, a cohesive and intuitive audio editing and analysis.

Having used several audio editors, such as Audacity, WavePad or Adobe Audition, I must say I’m impressed by the functionality and simplicity of Ocenaudio. If you are interested in audio editing you should definitely check out this program and most probably you will decide to keep it!

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