Record your screen even with hand drawing, audio and zoom, using TipCam

TipCam is a light and free application that will let you record your PC screen, full motion video with audio, to FLV or AVI you can upload to YouTube or other video sharing services. It even provides some functions that might not be found in other similar recorders.

TipCam Screen Recorder features a voice-over function that lets you re-record just the audio. Of course you can first record the video without sound, then record your narration at your ease.

The program will also let you have an adjustable zooming window during recording; this can be in a fixed position or follow the mouse cursor. Free style hand drawing markup during recording is also possible and easy. You can also have optionally a wizard to guide you in choosing the right recording settings.

TipCam features easy controls, while a mini-bar while recording makes TipCam’s footprint extremely discreet.

Other features: Multi-language Support; Double-click any FLV file to play in TipCam; Trim the beginning and/or end from videos you record.