Convert audio files, even using custom quality profiles, with VSDC Audio Converter

There is a great variety of audio converters we can choose from and always a new one appears giving emphasis to this or that, adding or removing some functions, etc.

VSDC Free Audio Converter is easy to use and reliable. Features not that common are the option of playing a track and the option of editing audio tags. Otherwise, you won’t find much difference from other converters.

The program lets you locate and open or drag and drop files and folders, displaying file names, path, duration, etc, on lines where you can also monitor the progress of your conversions.

VSDC supports the most common media formats and you can use it also to extract audio from movies. Of course it lets you also control the quality / size of resulting files. Saving your adjustments as profiles you can use them again in subsequent conversions.

Download VSDC Free Audio Converter