Add a network or any unindexed folder to Libraries with Win7 Library Tool

Forget Win7! Upgrade! But if you won’t, Win7 Library Tool is a free application that will let you add network locations to a Windows Library. You can use this utility to add network (UNC or mapped drive) and any other un-indexed folders to libraries.

More features:

A set of libraries can be instantly restored at any point (like after a re-install of the OS or for transfers between many computers). You can also create a mirror of all libraries (using symbolic links) in [SystemDrive]:\libraries. 

This means you can reference all your files using a much shorter path, and also have another entry-point to your files from various places of the Operating System (e.g. at file open/save dialogs). Win7 Library Tool will also let you change a library’s icon.

Download Win7 Library Tool