How to find the ID number of a WordPress post or page

In several occassions you may need to know the numerical ID of a post or page in your WordPress blog. Sometimes this number is included in the very ‘friendly’ address of a post. For example, here in TheFreeWindows notice in the address the number 3294. This is the ID of the post.

If your permalinks exclude the ID of posts and pages you can find it easily. Being on the page that lists “All posts” or “All pages” and hovering your mouse above the title of a post or page reveals the ID at the status bar of the browser. It is the number that follows “post=” (e.g. post=3294).

If your post is already open in the WordPress editor, you can see the ID (post=) number in the address bar of the browser. You can find it also by pressing the Get shortlink button at the top of the editor.