I want a mouse into my keyboard (remap the numpad)

The first I bought an “entertainment” keyboard, that included a small mousepad and mouse buttons I realized I couldn’t go on without these functions. I have changed since then 10 keyboards or more, all of them having a numpad, and the first thing I did was to install NumPad Transformer, a free program that remaps numpad keys, letting me use the numpad as a mouse, to move the cursor, click and right-click.

Since I am a keyboard type, when using the mouse is unavoidable, I can resort to my transformed numpad to perform basic mouse tasks. This way I even protect my fingers!

A nice feature of NumPad Transformer is speed change. If you press just numpad numbers you get slow movement, but if you press them along with Shift, you get pretty fast speed, which is not only useful but necessary when you use a large monitor.

Perhaps you haven’t tried yet a numpad that performs mouse actions. You have nothing to lose to give NumPad Transformer a try, since it is absolutely free, and most probably you won’t be able again to live without a mouse in your keyboard!