Recover up to 2 GB of lost data from your drives, with EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard Free

We don’t play with our data! Make sure you have always at least two recent backups and system images. This way, even if a disaster happens you won’t face severe problems. Some trouble though is highly probable even if you take the greatest care with backup schedules and system images. In case that even only a few of your precious files are lost, programs like the free (for up to 2 GB of data) EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard can help.

You don’t need to be a computer expert to use this program. As you guess by the name, it features a convenient wizard that will guide you in configuring your recovery project, selecting the damaged drive, if you have several drives, as well as filters by which to locate particular file types to recover. You don’t need to specify extensions, only broad families, such as “graphics” or “documents”.

When the program finishes locating files that can be recovered (a process that takes some time, especially if you activate a more aggressive mode), you just select what you want to recover, or create a report with your findings.

According to the author of the program, the scanning process can be quicker than other software, especially when it comes to lost partition scan, and the preview function suits more file types than other software, especially for pictures (it helps to display several pics at once). If your recovery needs can be limited to 2 GB, EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard Free is a program you may like to try. Fortunately enough in this category there exist a lot of alternative file recovery programs and there is no reason why you wouldn’t like to try more than one, especially if you really need to recover those precious files you accidentally deleted.

Download EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard