Stop and disable AVGIDSagent service to reduce CPU activity

I use the Black Glass CPU RAM monitors to watch on my desktop the use of RAM and CPU. For several days my (Quad Core) CPU worked even at 60% although I was only typing!

Opening the Task Manager I saw that all this activity was coming from the Identity Protection service of AVG. I disabled Identity Protection from the main window of AVG, but CPU continued as before working at high levels. The Task Manager reported AVG identity service (avgidsagent) as still running.

In the Windows Services console I located AVGIDSagent, opened its properties and changed its startup status from “Automatic” to “Disabled”, only to receive the message that access is denied. Obviously AVG protects its service in case some malware tries to disable it.

I closed the properties dialogue and I right clicked on the AVG icon at the system tray to disable the whole AVG application for 10 minutes. With AVG disabled, I returned to Windows Services, I stopped the service by right clicking on its main entry, then in its properties dialogue I changed its status from “Automatic” to “Disabled” without any problems. Now my CPU seldom rises above 10%, although many programs are open, including the main AVG application, firewall, gadgets, etc.