Create Calling Cards with Q Connect Label Designer

Q Connect Label Designer creates content you can print on Q-CONNECT or similar labels. You can choose KF numbers or sizes and start designing your labels. Use pictures or text or both.

Upon starting the program, you will be asked to select a corresponding format. Under format type, select the paper format that you want to print on. Certain standard formats are already given and cannot be erased or changed. If you prefer not to open a “Select template“, but instead to use a file that has already been saved, click on “Open“ and choose your file.

In accordance with your format selection, the working area will represent an entire DIN A4 sheet or a single label or calling card. When a whole sheet is represented, only one page may be designed and saved. In the case of labels or calling cards, as many single design drafts may be created and saved as there are labels or calling cards on the sheet. If you select a format for labels or calling cards, on the working area you will always see a single label or calling card.

Each printer has zones that it cannot print out. In the majority of printers, these are bands of up to 5 mm on top and at the sides. At the bottom edge of the paper there is a zone of between 5 and 17 mm, depending on the printer model. The Software reads these values from the current printer driver and displays them on the screen as part of the format.