How to watermark several images at once with IrfanView

IrfanView is a great and free image browser, supported by a lot of plugins that make it powerful. You can use it even for batch watermarking jobs. Here is how to do it.

Open IrfanView and press the b button of your keyboard to open the “Batch Conversion” dialogue. At the “Look in” section select the folder that contains your images and press the “Add all” button to add them to the Conversion queue.

Check the “Use advanced options (for bulk resize…)” option at the top left corner, and press the “Advanced” button at the right of this option. At the “Set for all images” dialogue that opens you can select your watermark preferences. You may also like to crop or resize your images, but the main watermarking settings are at the middle column, at the bottom:

“Canvas size”, in case you’d like to place the watermark outside the image, “Add overlay text”, if your watermark will be a text, and “Add watermark image”, if you have your watermark as an image. Enjoy!