Convert, rename, resize, batch process images, with PhotoBatch

PhotoBatch is a free program that will let you perform batch processing, format conversion and renaming of image files. Scripts of commands, including input and output setup, can be saved and loaded for reuse. Input and output setup may be saved with the script or set at runtime.

A batch script may be run on a single image, on a folder, or on a list of files and folders. Script commands may be tested and run on a sample image.The program includes 91 commands and supports 10 image file formats (jpg, gif, bmp, png, tif, pcx, tga, wmf, emf, psp) plus various camera raw formats (Canon, Nikon, Kodak, FUJI, Olympus, Pentax, Sony etc.). PhotoBatch is designed to be an easy to use application for both single image and batch processing. All but the simplest commands provide a dialog window where you can observe, on a sample image, the effect of the command and see the effect while you change the parameters.

Input files may be filtered in various ways (file type, date, size, aspect ratio). A single script may produce multiple output images from each input image. Output files may be saved each in a different file format and renamed in various ways (prefix,suffix,auto-numbering).

PhotoBatch does not support multi-frame image input or output (AVI or multi-frame gif). Among the various predefined commands that the program supports you can find Text overlay (absolute) and Watermark – image overlay.