Freeware to protect your hands from overusing mouse and keyboard

Even if you are not already suffering from the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or similar problems, you may want to prevent damaging your health. Moving and clicking your mouse, depending on how often you use your computer, can be a serious threat. I will present here several applications, all of them absolutely free, that will help you minimize the use of a mouse.

Before we start, just keep in mind that the keyboard too is not innocent – far from that! Therefore, I will include here also applications that will help you minimize the use of the keyboard, without resorting to the mouse; but, whenever you use your keyboard, just try to press the keys as gently as possible: do not hit them forcefully, or you will damage your fingers.

The best way to protect your hands is to use a mechanical keyboard. Mechanical keyboards permit the softer possible pressing of the keys, despite all the other advantages they have. But they are more expensive.

The first thing you need to ensure concerning your mouse, is that it will glide smoothly, without having you ‘struggling’ to move it. This means the selection of a proper mouse pad and the change of the feet of your mouse, if they are damaged.