Access easily Programs, Folders, Settings, Web Sites, with Favorite Launcher

“Paster” opens the menu in order to paste automatically a path when needed in order to browse to a location, and the second shortcut, the “Launcher,” opens the menu to launch folders, files and programs.

To avoid confusion the Paster shortcut works only in supported windows, where you can browse to a path, while the second shortcut displays the menu always, without doing any paste.

Directions (to configure the launcher):

Key modifiers are:      # = Win     ! = Alt     ^ = Control     + = Shift

The default shortcuts are Ctrl+Alt+8 for the Paster, and Ctrl+Alt+7 for the Launcher. After you change them, or make any other configuration, select the “Refresh Configuration” option to activate your changes without closing and restarting Favorite Launcher.

You can define favorite programs and folders specifying first the name of the menu item, followed by = followed by the name of the actual path of the favorite (e.g. My Work = c:\MyWork).

To create a submenu, specify the name of the submenu with a leading : followed by | followed by the name and path of the favorite (e.g. :Drives|Drive D = D:\). Submenus cannot have spaces or dashes between words (e.g. in :My Documents|Pictures the “My Documents” submenu should be written as MyDocuments or My_Documents).

Sections can be divided with lines. A line is created by a hyphen ()