Where is this cursor? Bring it right here instantly!

Well, if you are always on a laptop I guess you don’t need that much this utility, which I use every day on my 27 inch Dell monitor, although on a laptop too it can be useful. It’s not rare on large monitors to lose track of your cursor, which is the reason why Microsoft introduced those annoying trails, and even sacrificed the Ctrl key. On laptops too sometimes you face difficulties locating the cursor, especially if it isn’t even visible, because this app needed to make it disappear!

Mouseketeer is among the first utilities I install on my PC. It is free, light and it gives me the exact power that I need to work with my cursor.

Mouseketeer lets me define a keyboard shortcut I can use to “gather” the cursor, wherever it might be, get it instantly to the middle of the screen. Other shortcuts let me put my cursor automatically to any of the monitor’s sides.

The way Mouseketeer works is wonderful because I don’t need to locate my cursor, then move it wherever I want it to be; I press the relevant shortcut and the cursor goes automatically as near as possible to where I want. Most of the times I use the shortcut that places the cursor to the middle of the screen — and this not only when I don’t see the cursor, but even just to avoid losing time with the mouse.