Check scheduled programs of favorite TV and Radio channels, with portable TV-Browser

Portable TV-Browser is a free, light and portable program you can use to learn easily the program of your favorite TV and Radio channels.

The interface is simple but not that modern, pleasant enough however. Portable TV-Browser uses plugins (some of them commercial) to gather the program of several channels. Not every country is listed though. An way to add custom channels is offered but I didn’t bother to try it since it seemed complicated.

As you would expect Portable TV-Browser organizes the channels according to country and genre to let you easily find what you want. Unfortunately there is not a separate category for “language” which means that if you’d like to search for English speaking channels, let’s say in Germany, you’d have to spend a lot of time to guess, in the end most probably missing a lot of channels.

Note that to use the program you need to install first the Java environment in case you don’t have it.

Download Portable TV-Browser