Save the same image automatically in time intervals, with SeqDownload

SeqDownload is a free and small utility that will let you automatically download the same image from the Web. Many Web sites provide “live” images that are automatically updated every few seconds or minutes. When you browse to a Web page with a live image, you always get the latest image. But what about viewing the history of those images since a few days ago, or watching then animated?

Some Web sites provide limited options to do that, but most of them only allow watching the latest image.

SeqDownload will let you automatically download an image file in every few seconds or minutes (according to your preferences), and save it to your disk. After collecting a fair amount of downloaded images you can easily create an animation or simply observe their history.

You can also use this utility to frequently download non-image files, and store them on your local drive, so that you will always have in your computer the latest file from the remote Web site.