Recover deleted files of any type, with RecoveRx

Drive failure and loss of data won’t happen every day, but if it happens you can imagine how sorry you can be, unless your data are insignificant and replaceable.

Of course the best protection is to keep frequent backups, but what if you forgot it or if the damage happened just after you loaded or created those precious documents and you had no time for backup? Besides, we cannot always work using data from the cloud.

RecoveRx is a free program created by known drive maker Transcend. It searches thoroughly any drive (SSD, Hard, Sticks, Cards, Players…) to find what is left from your precious data giving you a chance to save it. All file types are supported, you can find documents, pictures, movies, anything. The interface is clean and pleasant. If you are in trouble, you should use all available help, and RecoveRx can be part of this effort.

Download RecoveRx