Download multiple images using a list of web addresses and Firefox

You may have the web addresses of certain (and a lot of) images you want to save to your disk. What would you do to avoid feeding Firefox with these addresses one by one to save the images? You only need a Firefox add-on called DownThemAll! This will let you download automatically all or any files linked in a web page.

Therefore, you also need a web page that will include all those web addresses of the images you need to save. Open a simple text editor, paste there the list of your web addresses and save it as whatever.htm

Drag and drop this new supposed web page with Firefox, right click somewhere on the page and click the “DownThemAll!” option.

All the images will be selected by default; just decide where DownThemAll! saves them, and click the Start button to have all these images downloaded automatically in the folder of your choice. Enjoy!