Stress test your graphics card with reliable benchmarks, using FurMark

How would you like to test your graphics card? FurMark is a free and light but really tough program that will give your graphics card a hard time!

FurMark’s aim is to exhaust your GPU, make it show whatever its worth might be, then compare its score with other cards.

What if your investment in this fancy new GPU was wrong. Here is a chance to find out! The program is able to identify up to 4 GPUs simultaneously, in case that you use so many cards! Then it asks you to choose how long you want your card to suffer how many of all those tests.

Just in case your GPU is ‘sensitive’, the program provides a safety mode that will stop torturing your card if it goes above a particular temperature.

Among the results that can be measured and reported you will know FPS, temperature, memory usage, and much more which you can understand better by letting the program compare them with others. Note also that FurMark is also supported by a community, using a forum you may find convenient for talking with others about a video card you are interested in.

Download FurMark