Revert Firefox search box to list view instead of tiled icons

I was surprised with Firefox introducing this tiled icons search box engines view. This of viewing Firefox search engines is convenient enough when one uses the mouse, but not at all for keyboard users.

If you are inside the search box of Firefox you need to press the tab key several times to select one by one all your search engines until you finally give focus to the first link in the web page! Besides, this view tends to be confusing if you install a lot of search engines.

If you don’t like the tiled logos search box mode of Firefox for any reason, it is easy and officially supported to revert the change and keep using the previous list view of your search engines.

In the Firefox address bar write (without the quotes) “about:config“. Then write “showone” and double click the option that appears ( to change it from “true” to “false“. Restart the browser and enjoy!