Search fast huge image collections even for content, with Photology

If you have a really huge collection of pictures and you are afraid even to think about searching for an image, you may find Photology useful.

Photology is a simple and free program that analyzes any number of photos and lets you search using smart filters. Photology finds in seconds 2000 photos with houses, or 3000 with trees, or 47 with the exact shade of red…

The program lets you search for photos with a particular color, or for those taken outside, or for those taken three years ago… Of course you can use several filters together. Photology can search for Time and Date (month, year); Orientation; Over/under exposed; Inside or outside; Text search of captions, file names, folders; Coarse or fine; color search. You can also use it search content: Plants, Sky, Faces, Beach, Flowers, Snow, Sunset, Water.

Note that Photology supports multiple processors to work really fast, and it will let you also retouch your photos: Auto-color; White point: Brightness & Contrast: Red-eye: Crop: Rotate.

Finally, you can use Photology to upload to Flickr and to print your photos easily.