A huge collection of classic Patience games you can play, even keeping statistics

Patience is a free Windows application featuring a large variety of classic Patience games. The game simulates playing Patience games with strict rules and maintains statistics and high score tables. There are extensive options allowing you to fully configure the playing environment to your liking.

Real-time card transformations are used. This means that games such as The Clock and The Dial are arranged and displayed as originally intended using rotated cards as necessary. With the Open/Closed game system, you cannot cheat by using the Save/Open game commands. If you make a mistake, you live with it or start again with a new deal. If you win and enter the high score table it will be because you played well and not because you took back moves or in other ways gained advantage.

There is an unlimited Undo/Redo facility although if you use it to change the game history you are NOT entitled to an entry in the high score table and will be rewarded only with a limited winning animation if you win the game. The games follow established rules and conventions as closely as possible with no redundant artificial aids to play and no use of a timer. Only aids that help not hinder game play such as dynamic shades and Super-Moves in Freecell type games are used.

An Auto Move option is available that moves valid and unneeded cards to the foundations. In addition, a single right click on the card table will move all valid cards to the foundations whether potentially useful or not. Patience also includes a separate card set creator program. This can be used to modify any card back picture or even create complete new photo card sets. The program offers extensive help, including the rules of the various patience games.