Download free Everything to search really fast your PC

Everything is a free search program able to locate files and folders on your computer instantly.

Modern hard drives are so large and full of data that locating an item may prove really difficult. Everything is a small but powerful application, easy to use and efficient, that will let you search your PC suprisingly fast.

Features: Fast file indexing * Fast file and folder search * Ability to share files with others * Real time updates

To search just type a part of the file or folder name. Use the Advanced Search from the Search menu to perform complex searches. Basic search syntax can be displayed in the Help menu.

Click a column header to sort the results by that column. Right click to show or hide a column.

Found items can be dragged and dropped on another program. Right click on an item to show a list of actions.

Right click the status bar to change search options.

Normally, Everything will only use one search window. To allow multiple windows, enable Create a new window from the system tray and/or Create a new window when running Everything.

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