Dell UltraSharp U2713H vs U2711

I’ve been using Dell U2711 for 3 years until I changed to the new U2713H.

The U2713H is considered a replacement of U2711. Of course, if you are going to buy any monitor you will read specialized reviews, with benchmarks, tests, etc. — I won’t give here information like this, just my personal experience from the two monitors, what the eye sees without measurements.

The verdict in advance: both monitors are extraordinary — in colors, sharpness, uniformity and (price/performance) value.

The advantages of the new U2713H are in brightness uniformity or lack of backlight bleeding (better than in the already very good U2711), in energy consumption (the difference here is great), in aesthetics (some may even prefer U2711, but U2713H is more discreet, the older seems ‘huge’ comparatively), in the matte coating (light AG coating, which is less aggressive than the one used in U2711, thus offering better whites, without becoming a mirror, hindering your work like in Apple monitors), enhanced tilt (it is possible to rotate the wide dimension as vertical).

Less important for most people differences include the 4 USB 3.0 ports in the U2713H, absence of VGA port, addition of a mini displayport along with ports already available in U2711, daisy chaining, hardware calibration.

Cf. Dell UltraSharp U2713H at Amazon.