Delete faster a huge number of files with Mass Directory Eraser

If you ever tried to delete “a lot” of files, you know how much time this takes. Unfortunately Windows won’t give you any way to delete faster a folder full of thousands of files. You can press Shift+Delete to avoid the Recycle Bin and just delete everything permanently, but even this deletion as you know takes ages to complete!

Mass Directory Eraser is a free and light program. You can drag and drop the folder you want to delete (or select it using the Eraser’s relevant button), and this folder along with any sub-folders and all of their files will be deleted permanently (they won’t go to the recycle bin) and as fast as possible.

Of course, if you have a really large number of files to delete, the process will still need some time, but not that much as if you used the native Windows delete options.

For example, Mass Directory Eraser needed exactly 5 minutes to delete 70 GB with 483,000 files, 15,000 folders, on a Quad Core PC that performed other tasks too during deletion…

Download Mass Directory Eraser