Create unique book-like photo albums and slideshows to share, with AlbumDIY

AlbumDIY (DIY = Do It Yourself) is a free program you can use to arrange your photos on pages of a digital photo album. It is a nice program, with many options to customize the appearance of photos (frames and transparency variations, album background and borders, and more…), but not the transitions (fade in, out, slide in, etc).

The finished album can be distributed as a standalone exe file, so that anyone can use it, without having AlbumDIY installed.

The digital photo album looks like a book, and you can increase the photo album’s impact by adding background music , text comments, clipart and more. Your digital photos can be positioned anywhere on the album’s pages, resized, stretched, rotated and adjusted in many ways. You can also choose from a selection of artistic frames and masks (I don’t like them all, but there is something for any taste!), creating a unique and professional look for each of your photo album pages. The software is easy to use and offers wizard-style dialogues. Additional features include a slideshow feature, full-screen viewing and picture-only mode.

Features: automatically organizes digital photos into book-like albums; edit multiple photos on each page; frame your photos with a wide range of frames; photos can be stretched, flipped , rotated, and adjusted; transparency while maintaining high image quality; add and position texts on any pages; add and position clipart on any pages; select favorite images for background; select favorite background music; export your album as standalone executable file for distribution.