Create OnLine photo albums with transition effects, using S10 WebAlbums

S10 WebAlbums is a free program that will let you create complex enough web albums. A single JavaScript data file stores all settings and text for the entire album, making subsequent updates very easy. “Photo View” displays a large view of one photo at a time, with built-in support for the most common editing operations – rotating, cropping (with and without locked aspect ratio), brightness, red eyes fix, etc. Support for launching external image editors is included. The program comes with a set of pre-defined color schemes, but you can easily customize this list by creating your own or by modifying or removing existing ones.

Transition effects: Fade (fades smoothly from one photo to the next), Gradient Wipe (smooth wipe from left to right when moving forward; from right to left when moving backwards), or Random (randomly selected effects with varying parameters – Fade, Gradient Wipe, Barn Door, Blinds, Checkerboard, Dissolve, Inset, Iris, Radial Wipe, Spiral, Strips, Wheel, Zigzag).

Multiple photo sizes – Visitors to your web album may have different screen sizes and different connection speeds, so you may want to make the photos in your web album available in multiple sizes and let the visitor choose Small, Regular, or Large. Visitors can flip through the web album at their own pace (using either the control buttons or the right/left arrow keys), or click the Play button for an automatic slideshow.

Other features: Built-in FTP upload feature with smart update mode. If you have multiple albums on your website, you can choose to have a list-of-albums page generated in the parent folder where your album folders are located. The title of the page will be the same as the parent folder name (use the underscore character to represent a space, as folder names should not contain spaces). The page will use the same color scheme and background as your current album.