Creating global and unique headers in the same Word document

You may have noticed that sometimes a book uses the left (even) header for the book title, which remains the same in all headers, and the right (odd) header for chapter titles.

You can achieve this easily by selecting in Page Setup the option to have different odd and even headers (and footers — you can’t have different headers without having also different footers).

In the left header just write the title of your book. In the right header insert the StyleRef heading field that will be automatically updated whenever you change chapter, the way we already saw. In both cases leave your headers interlinked, otherwise you have to enter this information again whenever a new section starts.

Don’t forget, when you have different odd and even headers you need to edit both an even and an odd header of a section, providing different content for each of them, if you want them distinct, or the same content, if you want them identical, unless for a particular section you uncheck in Page Setup the option of having different odd and even headers.