Download PDF XChange Viewer, to open documents fast

Searching for a replacement to Adobe Acrobat Reader, I tried Foxit, PDF Active Reader, Sumatra and finally what I recommend, Tracker’s PDF-XChange Viewer. Tracker’s viewer opens slower than Foxit, but faster than Acrobat, and works better.

For example, PDF-XChange Viewer found keywords in a document where Foxit reported no results at all! Besides being fast, it has also features that Foxit lacks (or offers in the pro version), including some editing options.

Keyboard control needs improvement (e.g. spacebar does not scroll a document, after zooming in you cannot re-position the document using the keyboard, etc). Text extraction needs also improvement, because as it is now, text can be extracted only by selecting and performing copy and paste. Another problem is that PDF-XChange Viewer cannot open progressively a pdf document inside a browser’s window, it has first to download it complete! Besides these, there was a case (a document with maps) when all pages were blank, while in Acrobat appeared correctly! In another case a pdf document crashed the program (while opened fine in Acrobat).

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