Place several PDF pages on a single paper page, with Montax imposer

Montax imposer is a free (with limitations) plugin for Adobe Acrobat (not the Reader, but the full Acrobat version).

It can be used for imposition, placing several pdf pages on one or more sheets of paper, resulting to more speed, making it easier to print business cards, tickets, invitations, but also newspapers, magazines and catalogs.

You may use this plugin in offset print, Pre-press, Copyshop, and also for personal needs. Imposition “Cut & stack” is designed for printing e.g. numbered tickets. Another type is the “Booklet”, for magazines, newspapers, books, etc. Montax imposer allows cross-fold, double cross-fold and more alternatives.

The free version will save the resulting pdf only in A4, on the sheet having up to 4 positions; it will also not let you print as many pages as the commercial versions of the plugin.

Download Montax imposer