Keep multiple backups of your documents easily, with DocShield

DocShield is a free (for personal use) document protection program. It will prevent or remedy the catastrophic loss or accidental modification of important electronic documents, protecting these documents by continually monitoring them for changes, then creating and storing compressed snapshots of them as they change through time.

Features: Maintains a history of your important documents * Retrieve any document as it was at any point in time * Drag and drop documents and folders to DocShield * Automatic-add by document type * Redundant, multiple archive destinations * Remote archive file storage on FTP servers * Archive privacy – password keeps your files private;

Email notification of archive management events * Document color coding for easy identification * Latest file compression technology * Intelligent archive size management;

Works quietly in the background * Access files “on the go” with included USB utility * “Passive” operation – never deletes or modifies files * Selectable background colors.