Edit, synchronize, translate, create or convert movie subtitles, with SubMagic

SubMagic is a free tool to convert, edit, translate, synchronize or create movie subtitles. SubMagic supports several subtitle formats. Although it has many features, it is easy to use.

You can set the frame rate when saving a MicroDVD (*.sub) file. The top position of the listbox is maintained when switching tabs instead of forcing the selected line to be visible.

Search and Replace Button (and corresponding Ctrl-H accelerator) is available. Match Whole Word and Match Case options to the Search Dialog.

Lines with all uppercase characters are not joined. The program gives warnings for extremely long (> 10 sec) and short (< 0.5 sec) durations AFTER attempts to fix them.

It repairs incorrect CR/LF lines during reading of files. It remembers a selection when leaving and re-activating a page. Ctrl-S (Save without any questions asked) accelerator.

Dynamic duration and number of characters per line are saved (and restored). Numbers of subs are updated when deleting a line.