Edit and synchronize databases, with DBEdit

DBEdit is a free database editing tool, written in Java, you can use as a front-end GUI for Oracle, DB2, MySQL, and almost any databases.

Its aim is to use the features of JDBC to their fullest. DBEdit provides aid to common data editing tasks and reporting, as well as database synchronization.

It will let you consult the database structure in the schema browser, save frequently used statements as favorites, run many statements at once as a script.

Features — Data Editing: Update records by directly editing the result grid * Insert, edit, delete and duplicate records * Open, export and import BLOB´s and CLOB´s * Run scripts * Schema browser * Save favorites. — Reporting: Export results to Excel, PDF or a flat file. — Database synchronization: Copy and paste BLOB´s and CLOB´s * Export results to insert statements. — Connection to other databases: The application can connect to basically any type of database that provides a JDBC driver.