Export movie subtitles embedded in video files, with CCExtractor

CCExtractor is a free and convenient program that lets you save as a separate file subtitles embedded in video files of your movies. The program’s interface seems a little complicated but you won’t face much trouble using it.

You can extract movie subtitles as a usual SRT file, or as plain text (TXT), bin, sami, ttml and more. Besides extracting options you can also modify the subtitles by changing their speed to sync them, selecting your preferred encoding, changing screen placement and color, etc.

CCExtractor is able to understand the format of the source video but you have also, just in case, the option to select it manually. You can even extract only a part of the subtitles, selecting start and end times. The program lets you even add credits (at the end or / and at the beginning of the subtitles) and more.

If you are interested in movies and subtitles, CCExtractor is a free program you may like to check.

Download CCExtractor