Edit, convert, split, join, time shift, repair or transform your subtitles, with Jubler

Jubler is a free and powerful program that will help you edit textual subtitles. It can be used as an authoring software for new subtitles or as a tool to convert, transform, correct and refine existing subtitles. Jubler supports the most popular subtitle formats, and offers real-time subtitles preview, spell checking, translation mode, styles editing, and more.

Features: It supports Advanced SubStation, SubStation Alpha, SubRip.  SubViewer (1 and 2), MicroDVD, MPL2 and Spruce DVD Maestro file formats, although it is easy  to extend it to support other file types. * All encodings supported by Java platform are also supported here  (like UTF-8). * Styles are supported (when saving in SubStation formats). These  styles are specific per subtitle or per character. * Translating mode (parent & child editors) is supported * Graphical preview of the subtitles using the FFMPEG library. * Test and play the subtitles file using a video player (mplayer). While in  playing mode the user is able to freely edit the subtitles (and  inform the player for this change), add a new subtitle in real  time or synchronize subtitles with the movie * Mark subtitles with different colors, either when editing or real  time when playing the video * Spell checking, with support for dictionary selection * Auto update feature

Key editing features: Edit individual subtitles * Splitting * Joining * Time shifting * Frame rate conversion automatically, by user request or using a  free user factor * Fixing time inconsistencies such as overlapping with an  optimization algorithm * Undo & redo * Cut, copy, paste, delete areas according to time & color patterns * Clear areas used for hearing impaired.

Requirements: Latest version of Java runtime environment, MPlayer to view subtitles, ASpell to spell-check the subtitles.