Find and delete empty folders with RED – Remove Empty Directories

If your backup session or other job left empty folders on your disk, you can use this small and powerful applicaiton called Remove Empty Directories to find and delete them. It is a small, well designed and carefully working free utility, that will let you batch delete empty folders.

Remove Empty Directories searches and deletes recursively below a given start folder and shows the result in a well arranged tree. It will let you create some custom rules for keeping or deleting folders.

Empty files in directories can also be ignored (as if these folders were absolutely empty), as well as specific files such as desktop.ini, thumbs.db, etc.

If you scan a very large disk, prepare to wait a while before you see the results. Please note also, that if you have “read only” folders you must uncheck the option “keep system folders”. Use this with caution, because system folders (that need to exist even if empty) will be included in the deletion list.