Empty your Recycle Bin fast deleting everything, if it contains a lot of files

Especially if you create backups and synchronize a large number of files you may know that a simple rename can result to a lot of files sent to the Recycle Bin by your Backup program.

The problem in this and similar cases, when the Recycle Bin contains tens of thousands of files, is that it needs a lot of time even to list its content, not to mention deleting all those files! Last time I faced this problem (on an i7 fast machine) my Recycle Bin needed more than 5 hours to empty itself!

To solve this problem download this little free tool and run it whenever your Recycle Bin is really slow. Without showing any interface or system tray icon, the program will just empty completely the Recycle Bin, really fast.

Please note that you won’t have a chance to see the contents of the Recycle Bin in case you’d like to restore something. Using this utility will empty the Bin without asking for any confirmation about anything. — Enjoy!

Download RecycleNOW