Compose with 16 voice multitimbral polyphony, using FractMus algorithmic synthesizer

FractMus is a free algorithmic-music generator, that is, it creates melodies using mathematical formulas. FractMus will create no masterpiece for you, nor it was designed for that. Think of it as a tool which gives you raw material that you can develop further. Writing a midi file and later importing it with music-editing programs gives you the invaluable option of seeing your creation as a musical score, with all the correct pitches and durations, for later editing.

FractMus uses only a few of the infinite algorithms for note creation. Some of them exhibit fractal behavior, like the Morse-Thue sequence, Henon attractor, gingerbread man fractal, etc, while others use well-known formulas from chaotic dynamics, like the Logistic Map. The program features sixteen-voice multitimbral polyphony. Each voice can be assigned to one of the sixteen midi channels (percussion channel is usually channel 9).

Voices can be assigned instruments, dynamics, speaker output, algorithms, scales, note durations, etc, completely independent from each other. You can easily toggle voices on/off by pushing the voice buttons.

You have 15 pre-defined scales to choose from and the possibility to create your own. Built in scales include: Major; Minor Natural; Minor Harmonic; Minor melodic; Lydian; Mixolydian; Dorian; Phrygian; Locrian; Acoustic; Octatonic 1; Octatonic 2; Pentatonic; Whole tone; Chromatic. You can also define your own note-duration. Just select “other” from the combo box.