Share your Web Pages with Socializer Javascript Edition

You can download from this page the Javascript Edition of Socializer! to let the visitors of your site share your pages on top social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, etc., recommend them by eMail, promote them with Google Plus, get short url versions, even translate them to a different language. Your visitors will also have the option of getting automatically html links to your pages, in order to paste them in their own sites, blogs, in Facebook, in forums and wherever html can be used.

Using Socializer! Javascript Edition is as easy as creating a new directory/folder on your site and pasting a line of code on your web pages. The Javascript Edition will let you incorporate Socializer! on ASP and ASP.NET pages, simple HTML pages, PHP, even on WordPress Blogs.

Socializer! loads a nice 6 K image – not the images of all the social networks it can submit your pages to, nor lengthy scripts.

Note: Here is how you can implement a javascript version of your own. Just by including this simple and fast code in the body of your page, you have instantly a share button of your choice:

<script type="text/javascript">
var doctit = document.title;
var docloc = escape(document.location);
document.write ('<a target="_blank" style="border:none;" href="' + docloc + '&doctitle=' + doctit + '"><img src="PathToAnySocialImageYouLike.gif" alt="Share on Facebook and top Social Networks" style="border:none;padding:15px;"></a>')

When a user clicks on the Socializer! button, a powerful, convenient and elegant Sharing Panel opens in a new window, offering to your visitors options to add your pages to several bookmarking and social sites even simultaneously, eMail them to their friends, recommend them with Google plus, translate them…

You may like to share this very post to see a live demo of Socializer’s Sharing Panel.

You can easily change the Socializer! default sharing button with anyone of yours that you like, by giving it the same name as the default and placing it in the same folder as the default.

Install and configure in 2 steps

1. Place Socializer! files at the root of your web site in a folder named socializer

2. Paste the following code wherever you want Socializer’s sharing button to appear, at the footer and/or header of your pages, even at multiple locations on the same page:

<script type="text/javascript" language="javascript" src="/socializer/socializer.js"></script>

You can enclose this line in DIV tags to style it further if you like (increase margins, etc). For a smaller-size button follow the instructions above, but using this code:

<script type="text/javascript" language="javascript" src="/socializer/socializer-smaller.js"></script>

You need to view the ‘source’ of your pages in order to paste the code. You can view the source of your pages by opening them with a simple-text editor, such as the Windows Notepad.

The javascript package you can download from this page, includes two alternative versions of the buttons (you will see the code in the ReadMe file), animated and non animated but larger ones. Choose whatever you like.

2 Responses

  1. Jake says:

    I started to use Socializer in my Blog and then the javascript version for my html site. Thank you!

  2. sam says:

    I wanted a powerful solution for my site (not wordpress). This is great.