Take screenshots of web pages to save, share, annotate, with Awesome Screenshot for Chrome

Awesome Screenshot lets you take a shot of a full web page or of a selected part of it, its visible part, etc. Screenshots can be saved on the (program’s) cloud or on your hard drive.

As is common with Chrome extensions, Awesome Screenshot add its icon on the toolbar to let you click on it and select an option from a menu that opens. Besides this, the program lets you use keyboard shortcuts to perform the type of capture that you need each time. If you are a frequent screenshooter you will appreciate this extra method.

Awesome Screenshot lets you also perform basic editing, such as removing an area of the shot (cropping), insert text and basic schemes and lines, apply effects. Of course you can do this sort of editing using any photo editor, but Awesome Screenshot saves you the time to open and reopen the image in several programs until you have what you want.

A nice feature is one that imitates a camera’s timer mode, giving you the time to do what you want on a page until the program automatically takes the screenshot.

Download Awesome Screenshot