Convert XPS documents to PNG, JPEG, TIFF, BMP, GIF, with xps2img

xps2img is a free and reliable command line utility, now with a graphical user interface too, that will let you convert an xps file to a series of images. xps2img converts to commonly used image formats, it allows you to specify size or DPI for images, separate pages or page intervals to convert, path and name template for images.

Here is an example of a command line that would convert a microsoft XPS document to JPG images:

c:\xps2img.exe  E:\Lyrics\pdf.xps  C:\XpsConversions  --file-type=jpeg  --dpi=400  --jpeg-quality=100

In the example above: it is assumed that xps2img is at the root of c, your xps file at the lyrics folder of drive E. Jpeg images will be placed by the program to the XpsConversions folder at drive C, they will have a dpi of 400 and a quality of 100 (best). Enjoy!