See easily EXIF information from JPEG photos, with EXIF Viewer

EXIF ​​Viewer is a free, safe and portable program that displays JPEG EXIF ​​information. You can open a JPEG file via drag & drop or “File” > “Open …”

Digital cameras store a lot of image and camera information that can be useful when you manage a photo collection or edit photos. This data is stored as “Exchangeable Image File Format” or EXIF information.

Since some values can be rounded, ​​may not be exact. This affects numerical values such as the F-number, the aperture or the exposure time. All other information, such as the model and brand of the camera, or various dates or focal length, etc., are displayed exactly as they are embedded in the file.

EXIF Viewer is easy to use, it is light and it supports many languages.

Download EXIF Viewer