Make free video and voice calls and send free SMS messages, with Signal Messenger

Signal Messenger is an open-source nonprofit initiative for privacy and freedom on-line that enables you to make secure calls and send secure SMS messages at not cost.

Since anything exchanged is encrypted you have no reason to worry about your privacy, not even the program’s organization is able to read your messages and listen to your calls. Of course this communication presupposes that your friend or colleague also uses Signal Messenger.

It doesn’t matter what platform you are on, you need only the program, a smartphone, WiFi connection to your PC or immediate data connection with your phone. Then install the program’s app to your Android phone, and after that the Windows program on your PC. The final step is to create a link between the PC program and the phone app, which won’t need more than getting a verification code to fill in the phone app.

As you can guess now it’s time to create your profile and add contacts to communicate with. You can also contact people who don’t have Signal Messenger installed, but in such cases your calls and messages are not encrypted and you lose the privacy and security advantage. Note that MMS (not Signal Messenger) groups use the plan you have agreed for your mobile connection with your local company, that means, they are not free, nor secure.

Download Android and Windows apps